Transferring Account Ownership To A New User

Occasionally, a cooling tower owner may need to transfer ownership of the Registry account to a new user. Examples of when this might happen include:

  1. If a new employee is taking over the responsibility of entering data into the Registry; and/or

  2. If the building (and cooling tower) is sold.

Since accounts are based on an individual’s email address, you must request a change of ownership to transfer the account from one person to another. To request a change in ownership:

  1. You must Create an account for the new owner using the following link Create an Account. If you do not use this link your account will not be associated with the online Cooling Tower Registration and Reporting Application.

  2. Complete and submit a change of ownership form Change of Ownership Form

NOTE: Changing the account ownership does not change the property owner. If you want to change the property owner, it can be edited from the preparer account overview section.